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Friday, November 21, 2014

Sodom - Sacred Warpath

I'll be honest, I never really got into Sodom and at this point in my writing career I've always thought that it was too late for me to be waving the teutonic banner high. Yet, the bands new EP, Sacred Warpath has proved to me that Sodom still have what it takes to be one of the worlds premier metal bands. With one new song and three live recordings of old classics, we have proof once more that Sodom are legends for a reason. These songs boil with unholy energy and dig into the flesh of the listener, there is something gloriously unholy about Sodom's crushing attack.

These songs have that wonderful touch of evil that makes Sodom special,a touch that even an essentially non-fan like me can appreciate. Sacred Warpath is another delicious release from this band with harsh vocals that are wonderfully easy to latch on to. The chorus is big and the riffs tasty. Sure, it's very much in the Sodom vein, but you can't say it isn't good! With Sacred Warpath show that in 2014, more than four decades into their career, they can still write, and perform some of the best and most exciting thrash metal in the world. There's something truly special about the longevity of this band, that they can maintain the evil through the trials and tribulations, true metal masters for ages to come.

In short, if you're a Sodom fan or not, you're going to have to enjoy what you hear on Sacred Warpath. Anyone who likes thrash metal will have a hard time denying the glory of these riffs and the joy of hearing Angelripper tear into songs about darkness, doom, and woe in front of a legion of screaming fans. If I didn't touch on it earlier, let me emphasize it now, the live tracks are incredibly well done and give a great sense of the undying legacy of Sodom. They prove that this band is only getting to get bigger, no matter how old they are!

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