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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Decimation - Reign of Ungodly Creation

I'm not usually a fan of the more brutal metals, and I hardly think that Decimation would normally have entered my playlist if I hadn't been sent them to review. Fortunately though they did make their way onto my iPod and since then I have been suffering under the glory of these Turkish greats. Their new record, the terrifying and destructive Reign of Ungodly Creation is nine tracks of twisted death metal that will inspire circle pits and crack skulls across the globe. These guys understand the spirit of death metal and deliver it straight to the gut.

I think the frenetic nature of the riffs and high powered vocals are what really gets me into this band. When the drums blast this hard it's impossible not to get moving. The raw energy behind the Decimation sound is very impressive and evidences the groups dedication to brutality, a dedication few other bands can match. See, behind all of the demonic riffs and twisted vocals there are actually some impressive grooves that you can latch in too, making this an album that is inherently listenable. Their's a lot of replay value here too, the sound is thick and probably can't be digested in one listen. Yet just one listen can set you off, moshing around the room like a thing possessed.

Simply put, Reign of Ungodly Creation is proof that Decimation get it. They get the true core of death metal and understand how to make people thrash around until their bodies are broken. If you want a soundtrack to your demise you couldn't have stumbled on to a better album. These songs will guide you into the eternal dark, and there is a very real beauty to be had here. So let the evil seep in and try to find your way through the colossal chugs and high speed turnarounds. Reign of Ungodly Creation is quite possibly the best metal record to come out of Turkey yet!

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