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Monday, November 3, 2014

Kontrust - Explositive

Rare is the record that mixes danceable grooves with technical virtuosity, big hooks with jazzy riffs, male and female vocals, and perhaps more importantly, does it extremely well. Yet Kontrust do exactly that with their fun and poppy Explositive, this is a record that pops, it's fun to listen and has a clear vibe that you won't soon forget. Mixing dance music with metal, yet significantly less obnoxious than you might imagine, Explositive is simply a pleasure to listen too, an epic travail, this is a truly interesting listen.

I think the raw diversity of influences that impact the Kontrust sound is what makes them so appealing to me. These songs feature thrashy bits, groove metal parts, and even touches of death metal directly contrasted with poppy lines featuring lines like "You've to dance and maybe you'll turn me on" There is something distinctly fun about this record. Yet, let me emphasize, it is very far removed from the mallcore that I and so many of my peers hate. Kontrust are doing something that requires a ton of skill, fusing diverse genres in a way that makes a lot of sense and culminates in some of the most wonderfully satisfying heavy music I've heard in years.

So go forth and let these grooves force themselves upon you. Kontrust are truly unique and I think that Explositive is only hinting at greater things to come. As strong as the songs on this record are I think the band can take it farther. Fusing Kraftwerk with Lamb of God Kontrust seem to have the artistic vision to continue pushing their unique sound for years to come. Simply put, I have never heard anything quite like Explositive and I am fairly certain that you haven't either. A wonderful fusion of absolutely everything you can think of, Kontrust are definitely going places!

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