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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thorr-Axe - Gates of Winter

Every once in a while a record finds its way into my inbox that is so purely good and sounds so utterly majestic that I can't ignore it Gates of Winter is one of those albums. Crushing doom metal from Indiana, the bands sophomore effort proves that they may very well be the kind of heavy metal lords that we need if we want this genre to continue and reign triumphant. With a sound that is mesmerizing and powerful you will loves yourself in the Gates of Winter and freeze to death trying to find a way out.

Simply put, there is something about this record that sounds extremely natural, as if it is a direct line to the souls of those who recorded it. These songs resonate with me, not just because they're well arranged and exciting, but because they roar out of your speakers and into your heart. They prove that crushing grooves and powerful drums are more than enough to make exciting sounding heavy metal. That being said, the vocal lines on Gates of Winter are a pleasure to listen too and fit in nicely with some of the more black metal-tinged passages. As you seep into the colder and more frostbitten soundscapes unveiled by Thorr-Axe it's hard to be left not wanting more.

This album is an early contender for best of 2015 and shows that blackened doom metal, as an art form, has a lot left to say. These are tracks that are going to rip your face off and leave your body torn apart, a twisted husk of its former self. Gates of Winter is solid proof that Thorr-Axe are one of the best and most exciting heavy acts out there today, and they're not going anywhere but up. These are the riffs that musical movements are built on, and soon Thor-Axe will be pioneering brave new worlds, showing that they are true metal masters.

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