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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Usnea - Random Cosmic Violence

The doom scene these days is frankly getting a little bit bloated. A lot of the bands are kind of bland, and certain types of riffs have come to dominate. So it's impressive that Usnea still maintain a special place in the hearts of thousands of fans. With Random Cosmic Violence I get the impression that Usnea are just about to reach a breaking point and start to get offers for tours around the world. The screams are unholy, the riffs wonderfully brutal, and the songs rife with the kind of dominating forward motion that only the greatest bands can seek to emulate. In other words, Random Cosmic Violence proves that Usnea have what it takes to truly rock.

I think that a large part of the appeal of Random Cosmic Violence isn't just in the primal heaviness, but also the bone crunching sense of depravity that seems to give the record so much of its trademark sense of destruction. These songs make you feel like the world is coming to an end around you, they start off stripped back and then suddenly introduce crushing guitarmonies. The growls turn into demented shrieks and you wonder what happened to the shattered remnants of your sanity. As you dig deeper into the pit created by Random Cosmic Violence you start to realize that maybe Usnea have uncovered something that was best left forgotten, the kind of Lovecraftian terror that brings nightmares to life.

Their is something wonderfully transcendent about Random Cosmic Violence, it proves that the band still have a lot to say and can definitely pull out a whole mess of exciting riffs. Usnea are only going to go up from here, and when this record hits, I think that the band are going to start getting more and more of the recognition they deserve. It feels to me that Usnea have done everything right up till now, and Random Cosmic Violence is the gem they needed to bring everything to the next level. Let it wash over you, the scene may be bloated, but Usnea will refuse to die.

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