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Friday, November 14, 2014

Zero Down

Zero Down is a fun New Wave of British Heavy Metal styled band who have all of the wonderful grit of early Maiden and even the occasional touch of Megadeth. With melodic guitar riffs and powerful choruses it's easy to fall in love with the majestic Zero Down sound. These guys are clearly having a whole lot of fun with songs like Cold Winters Night, and that makes them a joy to listen too. The solos here are largely pentatonic and reek of early NWOBHM bands. It's great to get groovy with some of these delicious up-tempo tracks that will get your headbanging and body shaking. Zero Down are the kind of band who have a fundamental understanding of heavy metal and will push it to the limit. This Seattle quintet are coming out with exciting new ideas that will keep fans across the globe entertained for years to come. Now that their newest record No Limit To The Evil is just about ready to come out you have to wonder where this band will take the madness next!

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