Chuck Schuldiner Project

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Acid Age - Drone Shark Ethics

I initially put on Acid Age because I thought to myself, with cover art that bad, the band has to be good right? I am happy to say I was correct, Drone Shark Ethics is a thrash record that fuses a ton of genres into something wholly unique. Though the material is extremely raw, it's still fun to listen too and shows the apocalyptic energy of Acid Age. Sure these songs are oftentimes primitive, but that's the beauty of it. Acid Age have a great sense of self and that allows Drone Shark Ethics to remain a joy to listen too.

With all manner of ungodly vocals (usually done in a hardcore punk style) Acid Age are able to easily create an aura of chaos about their music. When the album wraps up with their hyper speed cover of Hound Dog you get a true sense of what the band means when they classify themselves as hyper thrash. There is a demented energy here that you latch on too and have an impossible time unleashing. Acid Age are a joy to listen too because they'll get you stage diving and circle pitting for hours on end. Yeah its probably too raw for most people, but when you dig into it there is a true punk rock artistry that wonderfully accentuates what Drone Shark Ethics is all about.

When you dive into the pit that Acid Age invoke there is no coming out. They understand what thrash is all about, they just play it faster than anyone else. Drone Shark Ethics almost falls into grindcore madness at times but some strange indomitable force keeps it all together proving that Acid Age are quite possibly the thrash masters of the next generation. Let these unholy and infectious grooves wind their way into your mind as you struggle for sanity. Acid Age are going to kick your ass and drink your shitty beer.

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