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Monday, December 22, 2014

Caina - Setter of Unseen Snares

Rare is the black metal record that is at once both sublime and terrifying. Immaculate in conception and yet inherently screwed up. This is what Caina creates with their new record, Setter of Unseen Snares. An album that transcends boundaries, brings out musical opposites, and carries the listener into a brave new world, this is what black metal should be about. With Setter of Unseen Snares Caina will capture your imagination and take you on a journey into realms that you may have never otherwise discovered.

I think that the general vibe that Caina manage to create on Setter of Unseen Snares is just as important as the riffs and songs themselves. The ambient terror that starts to sink in (and perhaps climaxes on the albums final track, Orphan) speaks t a greater humanity within us all. It's easy to get lost in the sounds that Caina create, because even though they certainly honor certain black metal maxims, they pervert the genre even further, creating something freakishly magical. There is a wonderful and distinctly unholy sense of darkness here, one that comes across be the vocals clean or growled, with guitars that are distorted or clean.

Caina are not a band to be trifled with, and Setter of Unseen Snares will guide you through a journey that covers lots of wonderfully dark emotions. Caina will get you turned onto something sublime, something that all people, regardless of gender, race, or any other sort of percieved difference will be able to connect to. Sure the surface may be alienating, but once you dig in it's not hard to find the mastery behind what Caina do. So let these songs beat in your heart and give you strength, it's our only way forward.

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