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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cyhyraeth - Servant to the Fire

Thrashy, oftentimes technical, female fronted death metal. We're already off to a great start! There is something wonderfully angry about Cyhyraeth that transcends the occasionally muddy mix and shows us a true lesson in violence. These guys are the real deal with strong lead lines, crunchy riffs, and songs that leave you feeling complete. Painting images of apocalyptic fury and twisted societies, Servant to the Fire is a tasty little death metal record that very much adheres to what the genre is all about.

I think the thing that really gets me off with Cyhyraeth is the sheer hatred in the voice of the bands lead singer. She has a level of anger that few of her contemporaries can match, and it helps to make Servant to the Fire all the more visceral. Cyhyraeth are servants to a darker reality, shadows haunting them which few choose to acknowledge. This sense of cosmic destruction and immense burdens are so fetch. The occasional clean vocals help to make things interesting, but are not overused as to sound cliched. Cyhyraeth bring forth a variety of exciting ideas to the table, and it hints at a great future for the band.

Cyhyraeth have an attack unlike many of their peers, and though it initially comes across as straight death metal you don't need to dig for long before you realize the true beauty of the music. With beautiful solos and riffs that truly engage the listener, Cyhyraeth are simply fun to listen to. A bit happier in tone than many of their peers, these guys seem to be on the verge of discovering something special. You just have to jump on the bandwagon before the whole thing explodes, Cyhyraeth have a great upward trajectory and I'm excited for what they will come to do.

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