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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Frontal - Death Eaters

Death Eaters cover art

Swirling and chunky death metal with more than a few touches of both progressive metal and hardcore, Death Eaters is a finely crafted release that sees a young band pushing it to the limit as they uncover their own potential. The songs on this record are extremely intricate and interesting, reflective of the power of the genre. Frontal have a fairly distinct attack and its easy to sink into the intricate soundscapes they craft. This is what metal is about, forward thinking and exciting, music for a modern age.

When the band kicks in with some of their wonderfully harsh riffs and buzzing guitars its hard to be let down. Songs like Psychopath Army have a demented energy to them that shows a band who have worked hard to hone a record to near perfection. There is no filler to be found on Death Eaters and the deeper you delve into its mysteries the more magic you uncover. Though the bones of the album are primarily death metal and deathcore the flesh and blood is made up of prog and jazz. It makes for music that is always interesting, even three or four listens deep. Death Eaters is endlessly interesting, and it proves to me how great these guys really are.

So let it wash over you, feel the grooves and move your body with the rhythms that Frontal slam out. Ranging between all out sonic assaults and delicately crafted jazz oriented riffs, Death Eaters will never fail to engage the mind. Chugging and thrashing its way to victory, Frontal leave me begging for more. As they continue to color their sound and refine it to something a bit grander, and perhaps simultaneously easier upon first listen, they will surely climb through the ranks. Frontal play death metal at its finest and I'm excited for what the future holds for them!

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