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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Golers - In 'n' Outlaws

Golers, I'd first heard of them at Hellfest of all places when my buddy Tai told me about a thrash band he thought were a cut above the rest. I spun a few tracks, dug it, but didn't really get into the meat of the music. Then I got their record on promo, and by god am I excited! A sort of unholy combination of DRI with Slayer, Golers is a high powered face melting heavy metal band who will change how you perceive the very nature of thrash metal. Yes I just name dropped two of my favorite bands, they're that good.

In 'n' Outlaws with all of its flashy solos and high powered riffs comes across as Slayer turned to the max. There is a wonderful sense of destruction that dominates the music and captures the imagination. Golers have a primal sense of power in all that they do, the raw evil of songs like Angle Disruption reflects a band who not only fucking rock, but who also want to tear our face apart. Golers know what it takes to thrash it up and leave their guts hanging on the floor. They will show you what true thrash metal is, updated and made even more violent for twenty first century destruction, honestly, what more could you want?

So I leave you my friends with a thrash record that seems destined to stand for the ages. Truly exciting and passionate in a genre where so much is stale, Golers have the potential to be truly big. They get me off in a way few of their peers could dream of doing. Seemingly destined to be legends in their own lifetimes In 'n' Outlaws is perhaps the big break that these guys need, the break that will bring them out of obscurity and into the limelight as they so richly deserve. Golers are true metal, and it is good.

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