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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hate - Crusade:Zero

When I was younger I was fascinated in the band Hate. They had a certain primal glory that capture my 15 year old mind. It's thus kind of pleasing to me that their latest record Crusade:Zero (Also marking the first time I've seriously listened to them in years) has that same primal beauty that made me fall in love with the band. There is a simple apocalyptic magic to Crusade:Zero that transcends the two intro tracks (No joke) and the endlessly powerful riffs. It taps into a darker and more poignant sense of human fear and despair.

As I listen to this record its forcing me to reflect on the strange and perverse reality that surrounds me. I find myself growing up fast in a world that seems torn out of SLC Punk and yet the marvelous brutality of Crusade:Zero seems to be here to save me. See, Hate have created a piece of music that transcends mere hate. In fact, this record is a well of emotion, something that I'm sure these Polish metallers never expected at the start of their career. Somewhere along the line, Hate were able to take the primal power that makes them so good and turn it into something greater. Crusade:Zero is proof to me that Hate are turned onto something deeper than song titles like Doomsday Celebrities but are actually death metal elder statesmen, here to guide the new wave through a world that is often dark and full of terrors.

These guys are incredibly influential, and unbelievably talented. Crusade:Zero is the kind of album that makes me want to go back through their discography and rediscover the emotional power that so clearly defines this record. Going into this album I did not expect to be as moved as I was, perhaps it's just the right record for the time and place, or maybe it's just that good, whose to say? The point is that Hate have just submitted an early bid for death metal record of the year, and we must all honor this mind bending effort.

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