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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Malphas - The Conjuring

A recent development that has been fairly cool to watch has been the rise in power of bands that my hometown boys play in. The dudes in Malphas are my friends, people I bump into at shows, so it's weird that a high profile promotion company would send me their material. Furthermore, I had no idea that they were cooking up something as wonderfully fierce as The Conjuring. A record that turns black metal on its head by incorporating elements of folk metal and symphonic metal (alongside other things) gives us an album that is not only fiercely brutal, but also intense and fun to listen to, black metal for a new generation.

Though The Conjuring is only five songs long, I feel like it immediately winds its way into the listeners head. These songs are fiercely grim, yet this is one of the few black metal bands I would be comfortable moshing to. They have flashy guitar solos and delicious symphonic parts that pad out the music. Meanwhile, the vocal lines have a sort of Ihsahn-like madness to them. I would love to hear some clean vocals brought into the mix, they would help to encourage the beauty and diversity of the music. Malphas understand the raw and primal spirit of black metal as embodied on The Conjuring and once you go in, there is no coming out.

Though the first single wasn't exactly encouraging, this full record comes across as an extremely promising debut. Refined and iconoclastic, Malphas know what they want to do and how to do it. Rather than coming off as confused or lost as many of their peers, Malphas prove themselves to be veritable metal machines, young men who have fire in their bellies for heavy metal. So let these songs ring out of your speakers and into your heart, I get the impression that we will be hearing a lot more from Malphas in the near future.

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