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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Benighted - Brutalive The Sick

It's a strange age we live in that a fairly obscure deathgrind band can record a top notch live album. Seemingly unthinkable just a few years ago, with Brutalive The Sick Benighted have not only proven their ability as musicians but also their role in the deathgrind scene. Remarkably brutal and surprisingly tasty, Benighted have been able to take their deathcore fare and turn it into something mythic. Capable of capturing the listeners imagination and guiding them into the beautiful pit of suffering that defines this type of music, this may be Benighted's crowning gem.

See, I saw Benighted live a couple of years ago opening for Napalm Death. I remember their visceral brutality. Hearing them now, perhaps angrier than ever is actually kind of inspiring. they sound great and have an absolutely tight delivery. The stage banter is nice too, sure it's in French, but for me at least it gives the record a slightly nostalgic quality. Benighted are band who don't deny their roots, and as the crowd chants and screams between songs you can easily tell that these guys have found their own role in the French scene. A sort of crowning jewel in n already impressive discography, Brutalive The Sick will pound your bones to dust and carry you to strange new sonic worlds.

Brutalive The Sick is the kind of live masterpiece that gives you a new appreciation for the band. Benighted have managed to pull together a live record that will leave you picking your jaw up from the floor, it's simply that good. Benighted understand what deathgrind is about, and nothing proves it better than this record. They sound excited and hungry, metal gods who will smash your face in if you so much as doubt there role in the scene. Benighted may very well be France's best deathgrind export and this record only helps to prove it.

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