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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Yawning Man w/Fatso Jetson, Domadora in Paris (@Glazart, 15/02/2015)

For anyone out there who, like me, looks to music to sit back get a break from the stress and greyness of a life in the city, for anyone out there who's got an appetite for some quality old-school psychedelic sounds, last sundays' show at le Glazart in Paris was the place to be. Hitting the stage that night were some of the leading figures and pionneers of the sounds known as Desert Rock. Coming all the way from the way from the little town of La Quinta,California were none other than Yawning Man and Fatso Jetso, bringing along with them a taste of their classic trippy atmospheric jams.

Introducing the evening that night was the local rock act Domadora, here to entice us with their own take on desert-inspired psychedelic/stoner rock. The bands' set had some marvelously electrifying songs with wailing reverberated guitar leads and simple yet groovy basslines. The jam-oriented instrumental 3-piece put on a tight, lively show that not only won over their appropriately receptive audience but also the headlining bands. Whereas Yawning man frontman Gary Arce had previously told me about his reservations about newly-spawn desert rock acts, he was visibly pretty impressed by the Parisian act : "This is pretty good! They actually remind me of early Yawning man!"

Now it was time for Fatso Jetson to greet the audience onstage with their rocking , highly effective set of stoner rock tunes. Playing alongside frontman and guitarist Mario Lalli (who also happens to be the bassist for Yawning Man) was none other than his son, Dino. The father and son combo went straight to business and made haste in blasting away their incredibly satisfying riffs and grooves. Alternating between smooth lead sections and loud abrasive rhythm sections powered through by the ever-classic sound of the Fuzz, Fatso Jetsons' guitar riffs haven't lost the slightest bit of their effectivess after all these years.

Finally, it was time for Yawning Man to take it away and give us a taste of those californian desert sonic sun rays. A couple of songs into the set and one could already feel that the band had already made their mark in the soil, having filled the entire venue with their desert-like vibes with the help of their reverb-heavy melodies resonating across the four walls of the venue. More than a mere performance, this set was a trip, a real musical journey. I was blown away how the band manages to paint such clear sonic landscapes with a simple 3 piece formula (occasionally complemented by a second guitar played by Dino Lalli). Gary Arces' classic guitar tone evokes such a wide range of sensory perceptions, from the dry dusty air to the burning sun rays shining throughout the windy desert. The set was plagued by some minor technical issues that were masterfully covered up by an impromptu jam session, having the band a chance to briefly display their exceptional chemistry from over 30 years of jamming together. We were also treated to an extract off their upcoming record, called "The Wind Cries Linn". Finally the band brought the journey to an end, closing off their set with an unexpected cover of Kyuss' "Catamaran", with Mario on vocals and Dino handling the bass section.

 As all good things must come to an end, so did this beautiful night. If this evening was proof of anything, it would be of the power that music has to take us on a journey and an experience beyond mere auditive perception. For those out there who long for a break from the daily-grind in the city, be sure to check these bands out and catch the "Legends of the Desert II" tour to experience the warmth of desert winds blowing through canyons and sandstorms.


Very special thanks go to Stoned Gatherings for making both this review and the interview possible. Be sure to visit their website to find out about their upcoming shows.

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  1. "an unexpected cover of Kyuss' Catamaran"
    Actually Kyuss covered Yawning Man.