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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dementia Senex/Sedna - Deprived

A seven inch split from two of my favorite Italian post metal bands, both of whom I'm pretty sure I've covered on this site before, where can we go wrong? Deprived is a tasty piece of work that represents both acts at their finest, each with a one song contribution that speaks to the greater state of the bands' music and the context in which they thrive. Acts which compliment each other with their ethereal and oftentimes mystical sound Deprived may be short but it certainly captures the imagination and guides the listener on a soulside journey.

As you ease your way into the record with Dementia Senex's artfully crafted contribution Blue Dusk you get a sense for what is to come. Before the heavy madness kicks in there is a sense of piece that dominates, it shows you that beyond the pale of extinction and the horror that defines so much of this kind of music, there is a transcendent feeling of hope that will speak to the power of a new generation. Am I being overly romantic? Probably, but the point is that these bands have joined together to make something special Sednas side of the record, Red Shift, shows the band at their finest playing a song that bring the listener from a sense of tension to complete, and strangely satisfying resolution.

At the end of the day it's splits like Deprived that make me love post metal so much. Who would have though that with so little run time they could come together to make something so emotionally powerful? Deprived is the sort of record that goes down as a landmark, defining both bands careers and setting them in a grander context. What I'm trying to say is that the future seems very bright for these Italians and I can only hope that they get the recognition outside of their own genre that they so desperately deserve.

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