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Monday, March 9, 2015

Mammoth Mammoth - IV - Hammered Again

"Life's a bitch and then you die" Mammoth Mammoth get it right. Their high powered hard partying stoner rock formula takes me back to a time in my life when I would spend every Friday night getting drunk with doom and stoner metal bands, groupies, and whoever the fuck else found themselves swept into the party. With IV - Hammered Again Mammoth Mammoth invoke the rock Gods and give us a sense of our own humanity, providing vigorous and triumphant liberation through tried and true rock and roll formulas.

Yet there is something more to this band than your typical stoner rock shindig. Not only does IV - Hammered Again come off as far more authentic, but it speaks to a much more profound reality. There is a sense of old school anarchy that radiates from this band and makes them strangely addictive. It's hard to be sad while you listen to Mammoth Mammoth because their high energy rock and roll just makes you want to get high and meet some groupies. Possibly the most cerebral party music you will ever hear, Mammoth Mammoth are aware of what they are doing and the sonic worlds they are crafting are, quite frankly, magical.

This record is fascinating to me though because though they touch on a lot of tropes, Mammoth Mammoth use none as a crutch. Songs like Lookin' Down The Barrel simply have a way of fitting into the grand rock and roll tradition to the point that listening to Mammoth Mammoth almost feels natural. These guys will capture your imagination and make you dance with the dead. Let this devil music find its way into your bones and get to dancing, IV - Hammered Again is going to fuel your parties in 2015.

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