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Monday, March 30, 2015

Potergeist - Swampires

I'm not sure why I have yet to tire of bands using marijuana puns and heavy riffs to make me laugh cry and hurl, but I do know that I like it. Potergeist give their all on Swampires and prove to me that that they are worthy additions among legions of other bands. With a gritty Weedeater-esque stomp to them, Potergeist come out and bash the listener into the wall playing heavy music that will get you dancing till the break of dawn. Dudes who get what it means to riff, Swampires showcases southern grooves and tasty solos bringing flavor to a hard hitting record.

See, it's easy to say that Potergeist are fairly predictable, I mean, in a way they are, but the thing is, they manage to take the traditional stoner rock formulas and make them their own. Within songs like Southern Crown you get touches of bands like Judas Priest helping to make Swampires a little grandiose at times. Furthermore, these songs speak to a sort of profound reality that I think reminds me of hard nights spent in bars in Europe. These guys have a distinctly European grit to them, sure, it may take away from the legitimacy of the southern rock riffs, but instead these Greeks are able to breathe their own cultural flavor into the glorious assault of this band.

The wall of sound conjured up by Swampires is certainly something to be reckoned with, a product of huge riffs and powerful vocals that simply prove that southern rock will never die. Potergeist are far too much fun to listen too and when they bring the grooves you know that they're not fucking around. After more than a decade of playing these guys seem ready to take on the world by storm. In my eyes if they keep up the epic nature of the music and just emphasize the NWOBHM vibes that add so much flavor they could be the next big thing in stoner metal.

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