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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Freedom Call - 666 Weeks Beyond Eternity

Regular readers know that Freedom Call has long been one of my favorite power metal bands only if because they seem to take the genre to its logical extreme. There is a sense of fun that dominates their music that few can deny. It seems fitting then that these guys would go so far as to celebrate the 666th week anniversary of their classic Eternity. Let's be real - I didn't need an excuse to spin a power metal classic featuring a brand new song! Freedom Call know what it means to rock and these Germans proved it for once and for all with this 2002 classic.

The sense of triumph that dominates this record is I think really important to acknowledge. The fact of the matter is in a world of pain Freedom Call see fit to craft epic tales of warriors and battles in lands forgot. Few other power metal bands are as successful in invoking Dragonlance-esque landscapes in my mind as Freedom Call. It's impossible to feel down when big choruses wash over you and make you a part of something greater. The sense of profound bliss and victory that comes crashing in on waves of synths and flashy guitar solos is undeniably awesome - a power metal path to peace. The bonus CD, asides from featuring an awesome new track showcases a ton of things the band has been involved in over the years - from live recordings to covers of their music by other artists. It makes for some fun listening!

So all ye who have lost faith in this world remember that, if Freedom Call are right, just beyond the next corner could be an epic quest. Nay - every day for Freedom Call is an adventure, every small victory an epic triumph over the darkest forces and every loss a heart rending defeat that must be avenged at all costs in the name of honor. What I'm trying to say is that Eternity is way to much fun to listen too and will get your head banging and body shaking in honor of a band who never lost site of what it means to live in victory.

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