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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ski King - Sketchbook III: New Horizons

Reviewing the third in a series of cover albums from an artist I barely know about seems like an interesting exercise to say the least. See, I've heard of Ski King from German brothers of blood forged steel and he seems to be a pretty big figure on the underground over there. With good reason, he has a great voice and a wonderfully iconoclastic style, it speaks to how potent he is as a musician. Though he covers songs across genres and decades they all have a distinctly wonderful Ski King flavor thus making Sketchbook III: New Horizons way too much fun to listen too.

Part of what makes this record so fascinating for me is that, though there are some fairly obvious choices like Number of the Beast and Tears from Heaven Ski King also chooses some pretty cool deep cuts like Motorheads Christine. The sheer diversity of tracks found on this record is, as mentioned earlier, perhaps one of the premier aspects of this record. I doubt there has ever been another cover album that features songs from both Radiohead and Volbeat. There is a sense of sublime joy in the music that makes it a blast to listen too. It communicates the power and beauty that rock music has, and will have from here to eternity.

The depth of emotion and the sheer passion found in Sketchbook III: New Horizons makes it immediately memorable for me. There is something distinctly appealing about what Ski King have been able to refine with this latest record and it has left me hungry for more. Part of a massive box set, we see this German legend at his best with this record. Though, sure, we could do with some new material, this is a really exciting look into the mind of a oft-forgot musical genius. So dig into his catalogue and find peace, what else can we do?

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