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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bleak Revelation

Bleak Revelation

Melodic and crushing, Bleak Revelation are a doom metal band with a purpose. Reminiscent of acts like Saturnus Bleak Revelation are Aware of their own ominous power and the ball breaking madness of their sound. At the end of the day, these guys know what it means to craft heart rending doom metal. The thing is - Bleak Revelation are very aware of their own bombast and this functions as the guiding principle for their entire sound. The powerful vocal lines, both clean and growled represent a rib crunching sense of suffocation that makes these guys so interesting to listen too. What's cool about Bleak Revelation is that their intellectualized and highly polished sound represents a sort of coming of age of the Eastern European scene. They have an iconoclastic sound and they have been able to refine their sorrowful noise into something that will crush your soul. Let the ungodly might of Bleak Revelation crack open your head - the time has come for the infernal awakening and Bleak Revelation are the heralds of hell.

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