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Monday, May 25, 2015

Mishap, Meteor Smash and Final Descent at Fennario's

So - one of the weirdest things about music to me is that no matter what I do I seem to find myself at a show surrounded by my friends. Now that I eager look forward to 4 straight nights of no shows (Thank God!) I have some time to reflect on what I got to witness last Wednesday night and the indelible power that suburban PA hardcore can have on the community. This is what heavy music is all about and the sense of liberation, alongside the profound beauty of the genre is never to be underestimated.

I got their late and - unfortunately - missed the first two bands, but I did get to check out Final Descent who had come all the way from Scranton to deliver their unique brand of searing downbeat derived hardcore decadence. The sense of unchecked aggression and the raw energy invoked during the bands set made them a lot of fun too watch. Their general formula seems to draw from older hardcore which - given my personal tastes - makes them a joy to watch live. They understand the importance of stage presence and in a world where so many hardcore bands leave me yawning their electric odes of destruction captured my imagination.

I've actually gotten the chance to play a gig with Meteor Smash in the past, so getting to witness their live atrocities again was a true pleasure. These guys use a lot of tasteful video game soundtracks to provide a striking counterpoint to their own brand of Suicidal Tendencies derived thrashy hardcore. These guys have rapidly become darlings of the local scene - drawing a wealth of local alternative types and ceaselessly wrecking stages. They have a profound understanding of the very meaning of hardcore and it's easy to become beholden to their surprisingly groovy and oftentimes catchy tracks which act as a wonderful reflection of the local scene.

I hadn't seen Mishap in almost a year before last night. They came roaring out of the gate with punchy tracks that were largely taken from their new EP - the always vicious What Can Be Done? With more than a little thrash added to the mix Mishap led the crowd in dance inspiring anthems that bring a new level of rage to the PA hardcore scene. There is something distinctly charming to me about this act - be it in Casey's stage presence or their vocalists cheerful dedication to destruction. These guys are fun to watch and know what it means to bring the party - falling into their live triumph is far too enjoyable.

As I went off into the night with Gene, the guitarist of my band, I couldn't help but smile. Night's like this are what make hardcore so worth it. You go to a show not sure of who you're going to see and you end up seeing everybody. It provides a sense of community and gives us a glimpse at the very visceral reality that the genre provides. This show - another great one at West Chesters quasi-legendary venue gave me a chance to look beyond the darkness of our times and into the light that hardcore promises to provide.

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