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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mystifier - Goetia

Mystifier have always been able to capture my imagination with there unique brand of buzzing guitars and burbling vocals. Stripped down black metal taken to the logical extreme Mystifier conjure up gloriously satanic imagery that forces the listener to start into the triumphantly blackened pits of our fucked up reality. What I'm trying to say is their new record – the indomitable Goetia is the kind of thing that assures me that the true spirit of black metal – in its angriest and most demented form – will never die.

One thing Mystifier really get is the importance of balance and dynamics. While some their previous output felt a little too blasty. Goetia sees the band dressing up their own particular brand of occult black metal with some tasty little frills – be it in the form of the gut wrenching grooves or the synthesizers that manage to nicely flavor the entire affair What more could you want from a black metal band who deliver utter occult oppression to the listener? These guys understand what it means to get truly bleak, they have scene the darkest dregs of humanity and yet they don't care – marchinf on with crushing and insufferable dominance.

As I type this – sitting on the plane to Psycho California I can't help but smile at the weird ways black metal records like this one have shaped my life. What Mystifier seem to be turned on too is the impregnable eternity of black metal. These guys take no shit and give no quarter. Instead they rage, riot and slaughter their way through thirteen demented tracks that will leave you whipped on the floor quivering – nay begging more a moment of mercy in a twisted heart wrenching world constructed of delusion.

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