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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Screaming Banshee

Descent cover art

There is something inherently charming about Screaming Banshee. Their new record, the oh-so violent Descent is raw and throat ripping thrash metal filled with tasty riffs and angular licks that help to keep things interesting. Startlingly precise and wonderfully executed Screaming Banshee have refined a powerful sound that few of their peers can  match. Their riff style is fairly distinct and it's nicely complimented by an array of growling styles. There is a rather primal energy that makes Descent such a blast to listen too, toss in a few crazed solos that emphasize massive bends and flashy playing and you have yourself a record that gets at the heart of modern death metal. The attack found in Screaming Banshees sound never gets old and speaks to their potential as a band. Doomed to destroy and destined to die, this is thrashy death metal taken to the next level.

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