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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Witch of the Waste - Made Of Teeth

Witch of the Waste represent the perfect mix of noisy and blasty extreme metal with something greater, giving a sense of majesty to some incredibly lush, yet visceral sounding music. The slow build that introduces their new EP, the vitriolic Made Of Teeth suddenly cuts off, only to come back fiercer than ever before. Full of surprises, this is a band who seem unafraid to push the boundaries on extreme music. Witch of the Waste sound like what would happen if you took a chainsaw to a raw never, and it's fucking glorious. 

The crashing chords that define this record are only accentuated by harsh vocals that seem to be a natural extension of the singers very personality. There is a sense of total aural trauma that is found throughout the record and just beats the listener over the head with every passing minute. Over far too quickly Made Of Teeth leaves you wondering what the hell just happened to you. Witch of the Waste know exactly what it means to crush lungs and use their psyched out sound to instill the listener with a sense of terror. Blazing forward with an ungodly might, Made Of Teeth isn't the easiest listen, but if you can hold on to the bucking bronco that is this band by God is it worth it.

What Witch of the Waste do that really gets me though is how they unabashedly borrow from cutting edge hardcore. Songs like She Burst Into Snakes make it very easy to compare Witch of the Waste to a group like Full of Hell. Miles ahead of their debut, the still charming All Other Voices Witch of the Waste will kick your teeth in and drive your head into the dirt. This is violent and gut wrenching metal at its finest. Usually straightforward but unafraid to get cerebral, Witch of the Waste are doing something truly exciting.

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