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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Coffins - Craving To Eternal Slumber

The promo material for this Coffins mini-disc lists the record as "Mandatory death metal" and I have to say, that about does her. Coffins have been able to put together one of the most truly terrifying and strangely tantalizing death metal records of the year. Their unique brand of utterly crushing Japanese death metal has alwyas left fans scraping their jaws off the floor, but this 6 track release goes above and beyond, Craving To Eternal Slumber proves that Coffins have the potential to go down in history as the decades dominant death metal demons.

What Coffins understand is that their is a certain triumph to the awful brutality that gives so much of their music flavor. They understand that a mind melting bottom end can overwhelm so much of the other bullshit that comes along with death metal. These guys have managed to strip the genre down to its core and show us a bold way forward and give us a chance to look beyond and see the terrifying power that this kind of music can have. You hear the rumbling menace of tracks like Tyrant and at first it's almost hard to believe the level of insanity within - yet the deeper you delve the more you find yourself in love with a band who have torn the world apart.

The sense of controlled chaos and the roaring distortion that defines Craving To Eternal Slumber only serves to make the demonic doings of the musicians all the more palatable. Coffins have always played by their own rules and now more than ever their buzzsaw guitars and sacrificial rites are seeing them bring forth ungodly sounds that have an impossible to deny charm. Gloriously heavy and unafraid to make the listener suffer Coffins have done it again, so hold on to your hats and pray for mercy, it's killing time.

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