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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Glowsun - Beyond The Wall Of Time

Glowsun are a blissfully organic instrumental stoner rock band whose fuzzed out tones and stunning melodies leave you gasping for air. Their new record, Beyond The Wall Of Time is the kind of ever shifting and oftentimes mind melting instrumental stuff that forces you to reconsider what this kind of music can be. A sort of more accessible version of Year Of No Light, Glowsun have rapidly been able to establish an easily digestible sound that remains intellectually stimulating and prone to entrancing the listener.

This is the kind of record that you need to leave on repeat to really get in too. The way its seemingly cyclical nature works its way into your soul is stunning. You feel the songs ebb and flow, grow and waste away as with every passing moment you find yourself deeper in a beautifully crafted soundworld. There is a sense of cosmic liberation coming out of Beyond The Wall Of Time as if in their stoned reveries Glowsun have been turned on to a deeper reality, one that transcends words and can only be expressed through loud guitars, thudding basses and crushing drums. What I'm trying to say is that Glowsun are the sound of an alternate dimension being unveiled before your eyes.

Glowsun have managed to diffuse a variety of sounds and invoke the kind of inspirational mess that requires a madman or a true fan to pick apart. Beyond The Wall Of Time transcends so much of what we view as traditional music and gives us a chance to realize that even within the fairly narrow confines of stoner rock there is still a lot to be said. Coming straight out of left field with some exciting and endlessly fascinating music I'm very excited to check these guys out (And hopefully interview them!) at Hellfest.

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