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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Antropofago - Aera Dementiae

There is something strangely charming to me about death metal - maybe it's just that I'm a fucked up dude, but I think that there is something to be said for the poetic resonance of a record like Antropofago's new gem Aera Dementiae technical, but rarely overwhelmingly so, crushing and yet never suffocation this record is the kind of thing you find yourself exploring because it so perfectly represents a soundworld that most of you have come to love yet the vast majority of the world will never understand.

Antropofago have a profound understanding of chunky riffs and spiraling lead lines that make for some very exciting and dynamic music. The balance with chugs and blast beats against vaguely melodic passages is fascinating and helps to give a whole idiom for the band to base themselves around. Meanwhile the riveting guitars on a track like Helter Skelter is stunning and speaks to the bands ability to craft some truly face wrecking death metal. You feel the blasts punching their way into your heart and you can't help but want to stage dive. This is the kind of thing made for the basement yet which might work on the big stage.

Aera Dementiae is surprisingly intelligent and offers a lot to dig in too. Every riff has about a billion notes but Antropofago are never truly soulless. Instead their flashy guitar lines function as a reflection of the idiom these guys probably thought they were originally buying in too, a world of pinwheel guitars and fireworks. Of course now they've managed to spit out something far more technically stunning than any of the bands that define heavy metal in popular culture could ever dream of. Emotionally poignant and worth man a spin, Antropofago fucking get it.

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