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Monday, July 13, 2015

Critical Solution

Critical Solution - that's a fucking killer band name if there ever was one and it certainly seems to match the bands rather epic and yet still biting thrash metal sound. Critical Solution understand what it means to tear the listener apart with their guitars and their unholy dedication to brutality. This is a band who thrash the listener into oblivion, yet also know how to pull back and give you a moments respite before diving into delivering the fatal blow. What I'm trying to say is that Critical Solution have hacked thrash metal songwriting and deliver some of the best constructed pieces I have heard in a good long while. It transcends the occasionally dodgy delivery to create something great. With a distinct artistic vision made by guys who clearly delight in the genre Critical Solution go above and beyond with their new full length Sleepwalker making even old thrashers like me raise up our shaggy heads and take notice.

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