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Friday, July 10, 2015

Iron Kingdom - Ride For Glory

There is something inherently charming about power metal, even in this hyper modern day and age when people are assholes and don't want to dwell on the mystical realities the genre portrays. The fact of the matter is that when a band like Iron Kingdom comes along, with their epic tracks that carry the listener off... it's just hard to deny how much fun they are! Beyond that - with their top notch execution (Which succeeds despite some garbled songwriting) Iron Kingdom become the kind of band who leave you waving the horns in the air.

See - with Ride For Glory Iron Kingdom know that they are writing something overblown and frankly silly - but that's the point and part of what makes the band so addictive to listen too. Everything - from the epic introduction to the blazing guitar solos that add a dash of narminess to the record makes Iron Kingdom fun to listen too. You feel yourself riding to glory on the back of high powered guitarmonies. The fact of the matter is that epic choruses about Leif Erikson or ancient samurai are going to invoke your inner fifteen year old boy and take you back to a more innocent, more Dungeons & Dragons filled time.

Ride For Glory is a joy to listen too and gives you something to spin again and again, gradually digging deeper into music that is simply joyful noise. Iron Kingdom are clearly great musicians, they just need to develop their songwriting a bit, things feel a little too sectional, but that's exactly the kind of thing that more writing experience will take care of. As is, they have a pretty unique sound and definitely succeed in generating a sense of triumph in the listener. This is escapist metal at its finest and it is glorious.

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