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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kontinuum - Kyrr

I feel like lately I've been digging into the ethereal quite a bit – which eels strangely fitting given the amount of landscapes I've seen flash before my eyes as I've road dogged my way across multiple continents. Today's record – the ever ephemeral Kyrr from Kontinuum seems to reflect that with powerful soundscapes and transcendent songwriting that takes the listener on a journey and has an almost The Cure-like vibe that keeps things fresh and interesting, progressive and vaguely symphonic music for a new generation.

As you find yourself stepping through Kontinuum's strange sonic pathways it's hard to deny that these guy know how to craft some truly interesting music. The melancholic guitar lines that accompany punchy rhythms are delicious, it makes for some very soothing listening. That's the beauty of this record, rather than get you to raise your fist or start a pit Kontinuum instead provide a sort of peace with their twisted lyrics and sense of futile bliss. Beyond that there is something strangely anthemic about what these guys do that makes the band strangely addictive. Their powerful hooks and lush soundworlds are almost impossible to deny.

With Kyrr Kontinuum prove themselves not only as musicians but also songwriters and arrangers. The way that they manage to create songs with a very specific flavor and clear understanding of forward motion... it's the kind of thing that you can't help but to fall in love with. Providing a veritable sonic quicksand you feel yourself slipping progressively deeper into the sound of a band who seem destined to take the world by storm. Genre defying and inherently fascinating, Kontinuum are seemingly guaranteed to blow your mind. 

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