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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Russkaja - Peace, Love & Russian Roll

I can say without a doubt that Russkaja, with their unique brand of Polka Metal, yes Polka Metal are one of the most distinctive bands I have ever heard. With an overwhelming sense of fun adding a lot of flavor to their new full length, the endlessly charming Peace, Love & Russian Roll gives you a look into the minds of some musical geniuses who took two disparate sounds they loved and where able to put them together to create something unique and incredibly powerful - truly a refreshing new take on rock and roll.

There is something really fascinating about the songwriting on Peace, Love & Russian Roll. The fact of the matter is that I've never heard anything quite like this. I mean, let's be real, I don't even know what a potete is. (I googled it, it's a type of horn) There is something magical about a band who decide to create music that... boogies. I mean - the world of polka is not one I'll claim to be at all familiar with, but Peace, Love & Russian Roll has me thinking that maybe I should dig in and check it out. Russkaja push musical boundaries I didn't even know existed, and for that alone I will be spinning this record endlessly

Gleefully chaotic and just like seriously... so ungodly interesting Russkaja will get your booty shaking and body quaking. They almost force you to dance, and every fun loving cry of "Ariba" or high powered horn solo will have you scraping your jaw off the floor because at the end of the day, Russkaja are kind of insanely good. Insanely talented musicians who have mastered a rather unique brand of songwriting Russkaja are going to open your mind to whole new soundworlds and put a smile on your face that just won't go away.

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