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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Blood Diamond

Death Valley Blues cover art

Crushing heavy rock reminiscent of acts like Conan with touches of Thin Lizzy brought in to keep it fun? Yes please! Blood Diamond have the kind of deliciously sludgy quasi-Crowbar-esque sound that tickles a metal nerd like me absolutely pink. Their new record Death Valley Blues sees a young group of artists driving forth to unleash a sonic assault that few of their peers can match. There is a distinct sense of hunger to what Blood Diamond do and it's hard to deny the delicious sense of destruction in their songs. The demented vocals have a certain crushing evil to them that is strangely fascinating and it speaks to the bands ability to hone tight sounds that will keep you absolutely enthralled for spin after spin. With tracks rising and falling into epic climaxes and soulful resolutions there is something wonderfully organic about Blood Diamond that has me very excited about their future and curious about what's to come for these party rockers!

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