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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hate Eternal - Infernus

Death metal doesn't charm me the way it once did. I used to be wholly in love with the genre and now I often find myself struggling to see the point. And then something like Hate Eternals Infernus comes along and suddenly it all makes sense. The kind of gloriously brutal death metal tour de force that makes the genre so god damn worth it, Infernus sees these dudes unleashing some of their most triumphantly brutal and soul abusing death metal yet, the kind of thing that keeps children awake at night in abject terror.

The fact of the matter is simply that Infernus is one of the most balls out brutal records of the year. Hate Eternal prove with these strangely epic tracks that there still is a lot to be said in death metal. While yes, there are riffs that beat you over the head there's also a whole bunch of stuff that gets quite a bit deeper than that. You find yourself reveling in bloody riff after bloody riff, simply because Hate Eternal know exactly how to bring the fucking rage. There is a triumphant sense of viscera around this record, you find yourself drowning in blood and worshipping the darkness. What I'm saying is that Hate Eternal have gone above and beyond.

The depth of emotion and the poignancy to the brutality of Infernus is hard to ignore. It speaks to their ability to conjure up demonic sounds torn straight from the underground. If you're the kind of person who can't get into this record then you'll probably just have a hard time with death metal in general. Hate Eternal get what it means to bash your skull in and there is something delicious about the way they tear you the fuck apart. I'm not sure what else to say after being subject to a record like this other than come on in and enjoy the blood!

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