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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Christian Mistress - To Your Death

There is a magic to rock and roll that far too few bands understand - Christian Mistress is one of those bands. Playing rock and roll in its finest form with fully digested blues, glam and hard rock elements germinating in their sound they have made a name for themselves as modern day masters. Now their new record To Your Death is ready to drop and it's a veritable scorcher, chock full of tasty vocal explosions, guitarmonies, and choruses that will get you waving the horns in the air as you sing along, loud and proud.

The sparkling lines that define songs like No Place help to prove that Christian Mistress deserve their spot in the pantheon. Whereas previous records, while strong, felt strangely incomplete and I genuinely believe that To Your Death is the bands most cohesive work to date and that's part of what makes it so damn enjoyable. Part of Christian Mistress's magic is that they are aware of their own bombast. Just take a song like Walkin' Around with its chugging guitars and soaring vocals, it reflects a potency worthy of Iron Maiden. The fact of the matter is that Christian Mistress understand the inherent drama of rock and do incredibly well playing off of it.

At the end of the day To Your Death is more than just another rock and roll record. It proves that the vest metal movement wasn't just 70s worship but that it could add on to the tradition. Kyle Juett of Mothership likes to talk about how there's a lot of rock and roll bands out there criss-crossing the country and trying to make it big, but it seems to me that Christian Mistress may soon come out on top. Packed with energy and easy to spin again and again To Your Death will fuel your rock and roll addiction until well... your death!

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