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Monday, September 28, 2015

Draugul - Chronicles Untold

Draugul have long been one of my favorite black metal projects - truly despairing and powerful - gloriously heavy and wonderfully dedicated to the magic of the north. Now with Chronicles Untold the genius behind the band is back and putting out some of his best material yet. Brilliantly composed and epic in scale Draugul provide fifty five minutes of Bathory-level madness on this record. Fully aware of its own triumph and endlessly interesting Draugul seems ready to become a world renowned act.

What's always captured my imagination about this band is the sheer quality of the songwriting. Though, yes, Draugul relies heavily on traditional black metal ideas there are also folk elements brought in to give the entire thing a sort of primeval power. It's hard to deny the fact that Chronicles Untold reaches deep within the listener and allows their heart to sing the song of a time forgot. As the victorious battle cries ring out in songs like ...In Dreams you find yourself increasingly lost in the beautiful sense of majesty encapsulated by this record. It carries you off to a distant land and has a very human power that resonates within all of us.

Simply put Draugul seems pretty much unstoppable at this point and y'all better start paying attention because sooner or later this guy is going to put out the black metal record of the year. It seems almost inevitable - this band is simply too good not too. You find yourself getting lost in Draugul's immortal power and reaching out to face a brave new day - this is a band that will carry you back to an older and perhaps nobler time as long as you are willing to open your eyes and realize hope for tomorrow lies on a distant shore.

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