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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Abigail Williams - The Accuser

Abigail Williams are a pretty interesting band with a convoluted history. But now with the dynamic duo of Ken Sorceron and Charlie Fell - two of the best black/doom metal musicians in metal today as well as the potent addition of Jeff Wilson I think that everybody has their eyes on what this band can do. And with The Accuser they easily achieve greatness. It makes sense really - these guys have been doing this for years and are some of the best at their craft - why wouldn't they be able to step up and once more dominate the black metal world?

The riffs on this record are as vicious as you might expect and in fact there is something wonderfully grandiose about the overall approach of The Accuser. You find yourself exploring unique and profound black metal soundscapes that speak to a much more potent reality. The point being - Abigail Williams might finally be a black metal band of true renown - they have taken their work to the next level and put out a record that shatters any expectations. Is this the black metal album of the year? Maybe. I've been a fan of some of these dudes since I was a kid and this is something of a dream lineup after all - but perhaps time will tell.

Abigail Williams have become one of the darkest bands in the world and I can't help but dig into their sound This is the kind of thing that got me into black metal - it's music that has a wonderful sense of evil but is also remarkably intelligent and bombastic. It inspired a breadth of emotion and guides you through all the darkness that you might be experiencing on the day to day. The Accuser marks a bold new era in the band and I'm left wondering - how much further will they take it? Is Abigail Williams destined to be the greatest black metal band in the world?

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