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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Gold - No Image

Gold is an inherently fascinating band - the kind of act that could only come up in the international post-music scene we have going right now. These Profound Lore signees use dark hooks and eerie soundscapes to make their newest release No Image an absolute masterpiece, one that gets your heart racing and your mind exploring strange new worlds. This is grim post rock that threatens to push their peers out of the scene. No Image is wholly unique and wonderfully arranged - hinting at a great future for the band.

What makes this record so fascinating to me is that even though it pushes sonic boundaries with some passages other moments seem almost reminiscent of Ghost. It gives the band a very distinct feel, a truly rare notion in this modern age. The soaring vocals in the album opener Servant leave your jaw agape, these guys are crafting music in a way none of their peers would ever dare. Perfectly balancing dark with light No Image sees gentle melodies finding their way across crushingly heavy riffs. The touches of noise rock are perfectly counterbalanced by elements of pop - making this record a force to be reckoned with.

There is a very profound sense of artistry to No Image. The band is fully aware of the poetry behind their work and it lends their music a sense of grandeur. The raw bombast of these tracks and the way that they push forward, taking control of your soul boggles the mind. Truly truly I say to you - this is a record that breaks all the rules whilst simultaneously proving that the composers in the band have a great knowledge of Western harmony. No Image is, if nothing else, an incredibly interesting listen and one that will keep you coming back time and time again.

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