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Monday, October 12, 2015

Manticore/Ritual Slaughter - Depraved Sacraments

I've touched on this before - but I will never get over the very special magic that black/death metal seven inch splits have. They've managed to find a very special place in my heart - especially when you get one that has two bands as good as Manticore and Ritual Slaughter. Both bands obsessed with Satan and inverting the cross Depraved Sacraments is one of those gloriously evil records that - though it features bands that sound quite different has a sense of perverse cohesion because of the uniformly blasphemic lyrical content.

Manticore start the record off with a band - underproduced drums and harsh vocals coming together to melt off faces with blazing riffs. Their unique brand of black metal slaughter is distinctly American - showcasing the unique brand of suffering that comes in the American South. Known for crucifying rats on stage (Or so says Encyclopaedia Metallum) there is something truly demented about this band that grates at the human psyche. Ritual Slaughter are wonderfully enjoyable, every demented battle cry calls forth the hordes of Satan and has the power to initiate a motherfucker of a circle pit. Their odes to Satan and overtly twisted lyrics are strangely addictive. There is something incredibly powerful about the cry of "Jesus" on Sworn to Profanation as if the power of that man is coming crashing down with every destructive power chord.

Though the record is just under fifteen minutes long it's certainly one that you can easily get lost in. The over the top sense of hostility against Christianity that defines Depraved Sacraments is stunning and speaks to the artistry of black metal. Manticore and Ritual Slaughter have both proven that they are among the best in the modern black metal scene and watching them flush out posers with each destructive ballad is surprisingly fun. Grating and evil - this is what old school black metal was truly meant to be about.

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