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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Raventale - Dark Substance Of Dharma

Dark Substance Of Dharma cover art

Man - it's a lazy Sunday afternoon, I'm getting ready to watch a Cameron Crowe flick, and chatting with some cool death metal folks on Facebook - what better time to listen to some hyper intelligent Ukranian black metal right? Suffice to say - Raventale prove with their latest release Dark Substance Of Dharma that they are among the most intelligent and potent black metal acts out there. Simultaneously fusing the frostbitten power of black metal with really powerful Indian idea they have made a record that will capture your imagination and guide you into a bleak soundworld that seems to only become more interesting with time. The fact of the matter is that Raventale are proving that black metal is an art form - not just dudes hitting guitars. Epic in scale and bombastic in sound (but never cheesy or over the top) Dark Substance Of Dharma is a wonderfully intelligent sonic journey from a band who seem destined to take the world by storm - can you handle the rage?

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