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Friday, October 9, 2015

The Ocean/Mono - Transcendental

It's not every day that two of your favorite bands in the world release a split - but that's exactly what The Ocean and Mono have had the audacity to do on Transcendental a record that is precisely that. Potent, filled with emotion, and always reassuring (And definitely not overwhelming) Transcendental takes you on a vivid journey with powerful soundscapes crafted by beautiful compositions and tasteful arrangements. This is proof that post rock can be high art and it leaves me wondering what these two bands are truly capable of.

Part of what makes this record so fascinating to me is that both bands are coming off some of the best music of their respective careers - and in both cases while the music definitely fits into their canon it's certainly something of a departure. The Ocean leave behind almost all traces of metal on their half of the split and Mono seem to have drifted away from the droning magic that defined their last double album. That being said - both bands do a great job of retaining their souls and help to find what makes each act so special. As you find yourself increasingly invested in the record you peel back further into the fundamental meaning of each band and it's hard not to fall in love.

It seems rather poetic to me that I end my workday raving to y'all about post rock because music like this helps me feel that all is right in the world. Their is darkness to be sure, but Transcendental shows us that their is a way beyond and that we can carry forth. The Ocean and Mono have both been able to unleash top notch tracks onto our eager ears and it leaves you wondering what beautiful and triumphant music these bands have in store. Post rock is not for the light of heart, but these bands give us a reason to live.

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