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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christian Mistress - The Scriptures

The Scriptures has a fascinating place in the Christian Mistress discography because it's the first record where Valor Kand really took over the artistic direction of the band and brought them into weird new sound worlds. It's interesting to pick The Scriptures apart because there are so many different layers to the artistry here - a sense of classical majesty has slowly started to infringe upon the noisy magic of earlier albums, but the overall deathrock magic of Christian Mistress shines as bold as ever.

Christian Mistress have always been able to craft a weird vibe on their albums, but Valor Kand's takeover makes this album feel wonderfully transitory - and as you delve through The Scriptures you find yourself taking shaky steps forward with the band. That is not to say the album sounds immature or incomplete, but rather that it is very human - a reflection upon where the artists where at at this critical point in their career. The Scriptures is swirling, majestic and doom laden, using sounds that are, while not sonically heavy, certainly crushing in a distinctly Christian Death sort of way - if that makes any sense.

What I'm trying to say, I think, is that The Scriptures represents the inherent drama of the human confition in a way that no metal band ever could. Instead of focusing on the traditional struggles of human life they show us a darker and deadlier path - one that is oft obscured - but incredibly rewarding when we start to take it. The Scriptures speaks to an alternate reality, one that we should perhaps get to understand better before passing any judgement. Christian Death shaped rock and roll for a reason and The Scriptures is a fundamental part of their legacy.

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