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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Escarnium - Godless Shrine Of Decay

Escarnium are one of those wonderfully heavy death metal bands that leave you with your face melted off and your soul torn apart. Their latest record - the almighty Godless Shrine Of Decay is a metal record for the ages - one that leaves you grasping at straws and trying to understands the fundamentally demented nature of this reality. Blasting forth with crushing riffs that my roommate says give you a "Raging coke hard-on" Escarnium truly understand every aspect of what makes death metal great.

Part of what makes Godless Shrine Of Decay so fascinating to me though is that the band knows how to keep the tempo up whilst ratcheting down the intensity. One need look no further than the stunning melodic line that defines the bridge of Genocide Ritual. It gives you a sense of these guys skill as songwriters. While they largely couch their sound in an old school death metal idiom a lot of their stuff uses more modern ideas. In some ways they almost feel like a more intense and significantly sped up Rivers of Nihil - sent here from the blasted heaths of Brazil. Godless Shrine Of Decay is wondrously demented and will never let up.

Escarnium are fully aware of the demented magic of this band and the twisted realities that they represent. For folks who have a hard time with the common mores of daily life then this record represents an escape. And if you can't get into the unearthly and wonderfully guttural roars, the raging blast beats and the skull fucking guitars then death metal might never be for you. Godless Shrine Of Decay is a great example of how mind rattling death metal can still be in 2015 - and by Thor is it good.

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