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Monday, November 23, 2015

Megaherz - Erdwarts

For a German industrial rock band there is relatively little Rammstein worship on Megaherz's latest EP, the high octane crusher that is Erdwarts. Energetic, loud, and strangely danceable to the bands most recent offering. But beyond that Erdwarts sees Megaherz pushing interesting musical territory that gets epic, entrancing and strangely folky. What I'm trying to say is that country to all appearances, Megaherz have put together a record that can't help but capture the imagination, darting between soundworlds yet always sounding distinctly like Megaherz.

As you've probably guessed, this record is entirely sung in German and the guttural lamentations on ballads like Einsam is a little bit weird at first listen. That being said - it also makes for some very interesting music that is in many ways reminiscent of acts like Scorpions. It speaks to the raw diversity of Napalm Records that they could put out a record like this - that features a fucking duet right next to an epic about the devil. What's interesting though is that Erdwarts never strikes me as confused - merely pushing different sets of boundaries on every song. The highly industrialized crunch and mechanical guitars only serve to increase the ambiance and make for a distinct listening experience.

Megaherz are exactly what their name suggests - loud, electronic, and strangely endearing. Aware of their own bombastic nature and apparently enamored with the bass driven heavy metal that the country is driven for Erdwards is an album that allows you fall out of reality and simply vibe out to the perpetual forward motion communicated with every gut churning chord. These guys get the magic of heavy metal and seem to approach it in a gleeful manner - these face-paint loving Germans are clearly onto something.

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