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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Venomous Concept - Kick Me Silly - VC III

It's hard not to love a superground when they execute as well as Venomous Concept. This is the kind of band that metal nerds fantasize over. A band that features half of Napalm Death, and a chunk of Brutal Truth (Including Danny Lilker, who I guess isn't retiring anymore?) Oh and Mike Patton is sort of involved in the project because of course he is. While yeah, the band sounds pretty much like you would expect it to sound - that's okay, because Brutal Truth and Napalm Death are both fucking amazing.

Unafraid to pay homage to Poison Idea and the grind majesty that we all fell in love with in the first place there is something strangely magical about Venomous Concept. Hyper speed bursts of sound roar out of the speakers and we revel in the crippling power of grind. The raw anger expressed here, even though the guys are three decades into their careers is stunning. It's nice too - to hear the Napalm Death guys doing something a little more traditional. As much as I love the bands new direction it's always encouraging to hear your heroes go back to their roots to create something that just kicks ass.

At the end of the day - does Kick Me Silly - VC III break what grindcore can be and invent all sorts of new paradigms? No. Is it a hell of a lot of fun to listen too and does it represent the inherent magic of a music seemingly destined to unite us all? Yes. Surprisingly listenable and full of strangely addictive grooves it's easy to dig into what Venomous Concept do. This is a band with a clear direction and an old school attitude who force you to raise the horns into the air, throw back your head and smile, Venomous Concept are not the grind band we deserve, but by God are they the one we need. 

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