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Monday, February 15, 2016

Coffins/Ilsa - Split

Man - as far as I can recall Relapse hasn't put out to many splits lately - but this Coffins and Ilsa split makes up for the recent lack. This split captures the best aspects of both of the bands and combines the work of two of the world gnarliest bands operating from opposite sides of the globe. There is something endlessly exciting about splits like these - especially when you know that you're going to get to check out both bands at this evenings show at St Vitus. The point being - Coffins and Ilsa are perfectly complimentary bands and this is a seven inch for the ages.

The Coffins side of the split represents everything that makes the band great .Sure it's not quite as party-heart as some of their records have been of late, but thy maintain their usual destructive sonic assault. The devastating and bone crushing riffage of their contribution, Tyrant, hints at all the great things to come for this band - there greatest days are clearly yet to come. Meanwhile - Ilsa's track, Cult Of The Throne touches on just about everything that we here at Two Guys have loved about the band for so long. The track is crushingly heavy and tortured beyond compare, suffice to say, these DC madmen have done it again.

There is something weirdly mesmerizing about this split - what it stands for and the hope for the future that it represents. Coffis have proved once more that they are perhaps the lords of Japanese death metal. Ilsa are the kind of band who refuse to be fucked with. As you delve into these distinct grooves and the very human level of misery represented here it's hard not to fall in love. Coffins and Ilsa are two of the most exciting bands out there - especially in the world of brainy death metal - the future is now - so get ready to embrace it.

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