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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Delain - Lunar Prelude

Delain have been an extremely busy band these past few years - and I'm not even really a symphonic metal fan. Their latest EP Lunar Prelude serves as a sort of opening course for their upcoming record. Now though they have just out one of those EP's that functions as an interesting taster of a little bit of everything that hte band has to offer. With a pair of new tracks, a re-imagining and then some live tracks Lunar Prelude stands for all that Delain have stood for over the years and hints at greater things to come.

First off let me just say that the new tracks are great - classic Delain and represent everything ta has made the band such a driving force over the years. My personal favorite, the debut, Suckerpunch is powerful and punchy with bouncy synths frolicking in the background and powerful choruses adding a nice touch of power metal to the mix. I was a little let down by the live tracks though - while yes, they were good, if you had told me they were just remixed album cuts I would have believed you - the audience noise wasn't quite there and they don't feel quite vibrant enough. Meanwhile - the reimagining was pretty tight and an interesting idea for a band with such a rich history.

Like I said - Lunar Prelude represents what makes Delain great. It is epic sounding, energetic and demonstrates the wealth of ideas that have defined Delain over the years. Sure they're not breaking a whole lot of ground, but that doesn't matter - they have built something great within pre-existing structures and have been able to craft an exciting, high energy sound that i think that few of their peers could ignore. Riffy and lighthearted, Lunar Prelude is going to whet your appetite for this bands bold future.

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