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Monday, February 8, 2016

Product Of Hate - Buried In Violence

A lot of people might call Product Of Hate straight Lamb of God worship - and that's an easy comparison to make. It's not really true though. Yeah, Product of Hate play groove centric and fairly entry level death metal - but there's a whole lot to this band than initially meets the ear. Gently incorporating touches of Meshuggah and other progressive death metal bands into a pretty straightforward sound. Buried In Violence is a grower, an album whose real triumph doesn't really resonate until a few listens in.

One of the cool things about Product Of Hate is how simply immaculate they sound their is something wonderfully polished they sound - meaning that every riff comes down at you with sniper like precision. Even when the band tries to expand the sonic palate in ways I might not normally enjoy (Especially in regards to the cleans on Revolution of Destruction) What I'm trying to say is tat Product Of Hate manage to take some fairly traditional ideas but present them in a rather new and refreshing way making for some surprisingly exciting music. It speaks to the depth of Napalm Records that they would sign a band like this - one that has all the potential in the world but can still play massive crowds.

So yeah - Product Of Hate still need to grow a bi and here are a few bits and pieces here that I don't fully agree with - but that doesn't detract from the fact that you can sense the hard work pt into this album. Product Of Hate are all around badasses and digging into their performances is surprisingly fun. Not a lot of bands deliver sheer riffs the way Product Of Hate do without relying on silly pentatonic bullshit. Instead this is a band who understand their own distinctive style and play music that will last for generations.

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