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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pussywolf, The Cloth, Tile and Wizard Rifle in Brooklyn

Man  I started yesterday in a super fancy restaurant with some super fancy people, and I ended it in a badass warehouse space drinking shitty beer with badass people. The point being - the duality of life is a lot of fun-  especially when you're just trying to be a rock and roller. It was a confusing night - one of those nights that randomly sees an extra band tossed on (A band whose name I still don't know) and that started far later than anticipated - but those are the things that help to make DIY so god damn interesting.

First up of the bands I actually remember was Pussywolf. Extremely catchy -brilliantly executed and far to funny this was one of the best bands that I've seen in a good long while - and y'all know how many shows I go to. Pussywolf are an all girl trio who sound like the Donnas if the Donnas were obsessed with Black Sabbath instead of Kiss. Their performance is drunken, riff heavy and a lot of fun to watch. Shooting jibes back and forth across the stage this is a band who understand the riff centric nature of rock and roll and toss in powerful hooks, moody verses and singalong choruses to make their live performances organic and endlessly enjoyable.

The Cloth were up next and their distinct brand of noisy, grungy rock and roll caught my attention almost immediately. Boasting an absolute motherfucker of a drummer this is a band who fuse the raw brutality of the human experience wit the short of unique despair that comes from being a Philly band. The way that they lurch forward, every chaotic groove punching you in the guy and making you wonder why you are still alive is almost entrancing. For the record - this was the part of the evening where the drinking started to get heavy - and The Cloth knew it, turning what could very easily be cerebral music into a rock and roll hootenanny.

Next was Tile, who had come from Allentown - a distinctly shitty place and the inherent nightmare of their surroundings was reflected in their music. Stoner metal at its finest the band had great stage banter playing groovy and almost drunken music for half an hour. People danced, beers were shotgunned and the promise of rock and roll was fulfilled. Tile have he kind of straightforward sound and abrasive humanity that helps to make stoner metal such a valid art form. So often it disappears in a mess of pentatonic riffs but somehow Tile manage to reach out and bring it further and show that despite its relatively simplicity there is a way past its sonic suffering.

Finally the hour was nigh for Wizard Rifle - a band who have always fascinated because of their weird and chaotic sound. The fact of the matter is that there is no one out there who actually sound like Wizard Rifle so watching them is guaranteed to be a unique experience. Beyond that - Wizard Rifle aren't just rock and rollers, they are growing the fabric of music. Their performance was rife with energy, Sam's hair flying everywhere as his animalistic drumming style saw him coating the kit with powerful blows. Meanwhile - Max has a distinct stage presence and shotgunned multiple beers during the bands set - a sort of punk rock validation of the beautiful shittiness of their surroundings.

So the night came to a close - crazed and drunk punters hung around and used extra merch as baseballs and a random stick as a bat. CD's exploded, cassettes were tossed and guitars were annihilated. If you're not ready for the anarchistic annihilation that comes from this kind of music then maybe warehouse shows just aren't for you. That's fine too man, but be aware, that somewhere out there, in some forgotten corner of New York City every night events like these happen, shake ups where people get their rocks off and forget the pain of existence. So go out - enjoy the sorrow, and find absolution.

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