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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Abhorrent- Intransigence


The art of technicality is something that many famous bands claim to have but few come close to even delivering.  This gift of technicality involves high intensity blast beats, bone crushing riffs, mind blowing technicality, and intense guttural vocals.  Where most bands in the genre deliver in only a few ways, Abhorrent's debut album Intransigence fills that void with well rounded brutality.

One aspect of Abhorrent that I really do enjoy is how they embraced the well rounded talent between the different musicians.  Songs like "Ifrith" and "Ill Conceived" have just astounding variance in vocals and keep the overall progression of the song extremely interesting.  You can also distinctly hear the fast moving blast beats throughout the album.  One of my personal favorite songs off the album, "Eternal Recurrence" has some incredible death metal vocals, but layered underneath are these incredible bass riffs with some really fast blast beats.  This creates this super cool groove that reminds me of  early Suffocation.  Songs like "Larva" and "Parasite" show a more progressive side, by using less guitar and bass to build up some very thick tribal drums.  This type of simplicity brings out a really interesting earthy feel to the music.  I know that many metal heads may not be big fans of Soulfly, but Abhorrent embraced their sound and made "Larve" a very interesting song.

Abhorrent really do create a brutal form of technicality by creating an onslaught of ruthless drums, heavy guttural vocals, technical bass and overall power guitar lead.  Intransigence has a ton to offer to anyone who wants to bang there head until their neck breaks.  Abhorrence deliver what the doctor ordered, in a pulverizing display of brutality that cannot be ignored.  

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